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Training with all your data

Training with all your data
By Santiago • Issue #32 • View online
Sounds crazy, right?
I have a story for you, and maybe, after you read it, you realize that I didn’t go rogue. It’s all for a good cause!
That’s funny, but on this issue, I prefer the collection of questions and answers to help you with your machine learning career. Many of you have asked for something like this, and I’m happy to share it today.
I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll see you next week!

Answering your questions
Every day, I get many questions, most of them centered around building a machine learning career.
I thought it was a good idea to collect some of the answers in a single place.
I get asked about machine learning all the time.

Here are my answers to some of these questions: ↓
Training with 100% of the data
Not every problem requires machine learning.
But sometimes, you can use machine learning to help you solve a problem. In the end, it’s just a collection of algorithms that you can use to give you answers about data, right?
Here is something I did.
Last week I trained a machine learning model using 100% of the data.

Then I used the model to predict the labels on the same dataset I used to train it.

I'm not kidding. Hear me out: ↓
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