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Start learning today

Start learning today
By Santiago • Issue #33 • View online
I’m going to go straight to the point because I’ve never been more bullish about anything in my life:
Machine learning is changing our lives right before our eyes, and I believe it will be an even more influential part of our future.
If you haven’t started learning yet, today is that day.
If you need convincing, keep reading.

Today is that day
I started looking seriously into machine learning around the spring of 2015.
Look around. Since that day, machine learning has turned the industry upside down.
Here are some thoughts, some numbers, and some of the reasons you want to start with machine learning today.
If you haven't looked into machine learning yet, you better start now.
Using pre-trained models to your advantage
I wouldn’t call this a “framework,” but it’s an approximation of the process that I follow to solve many of the problems that I face.
This is specifically about building machine learning models that detect ordinary objects.
A big part of my work is to build computer vision models to recognize things.

It's usually ordinary stuff: An antenna, a fire extinguisher, a bag, a ladder.

Here is a trick I use to solve some of these problems.
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