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Something different

Something different
By Santiago • Issue #14 • View online
I’m trying something different today.
Instead of just sending you a write-up, I wanted to get fancier and link to a couple more things (but I’m still starting with my own article.)
It makes up for a shorter email, and I get to share the work of other amazing people in the industry.
Let’s go!

7 lessons about starting with machine learning.
Software developers want to get into machine learning.
Many make the same mistakes. I’ve seen a few, and I have some ideas on how to avoid them.
This is what I’ve learned.
DALL·E is 2021's 2nd most impressive model.
It’s a close contest, but the first place is definitely for CLIP.
DALL·E is CLIP’s sister, and it’s also impressive. Here’s OpenAI’s write-up about it, but take a look at Dale Markowitz‘s article for a really great introduction:
DALL·E Explained in Under 5 Minutes
Experts screw up. All the time.
Next time you feel down, I want you to remember this thread by Vladimir Haltakov: Out of 415 papers published on detecting Covid with machine learning, 0 of them were useful.
Most of the experts behind these papers made surprising mistakes.
(This makes me question the standards about publishing something nowadays.)
Vladimir Haltakov
Can you detect COVID-19 using Machine Learning? 🤔

You have an X-ray or CT scan and the task is to detect if the patient has COVID-19 or not. Sounds doable, right?

None of the 415 ML papers published on the subject in 2020 was usable. Not a single one!

Let's see why 👇
What do you think?
If you’ve been a long time subscriber, is this format more useful?
Reply to this email and let me know what you think.
See ya in the next one! 👋
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