It's my birthday!





It's my birthday!
By Santiago • Issue #16 • View online
Tomorrow is my birthday.
Every year, I try to reflect on everything I accomplished in the previous 12 months. This keeps me motivated and allows me to be grateful.
My Twitter account and this newsletter are this year’s guests of honors. Thanks to every one of you, my life looks very different today.
Thanks for the support! I appreciate every one of you!

A quick introduction to machine learning
I’ve been talking about Machine Learning for quite a while, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried to explain what it is to somebody that’s just getting started.
This is a quick introduction. If you are a developer and aren’t sure what the fuzz is about, this thread is for you.
What's machine learning?

Not a framework. Not a different language. Not the latest "cool" thing around the Internet.

Thread: Let me convince you that machine learning is the best thing since sliced bread 🍞.
How do you start with machine learning?
Alright, let’s say you already know what machine learning is, but you aren’t sure how to get started with it.
This is not about courses or roadmaps. Instead, this thread is the approach that I followed when I started.
If you are a software developer, most of the advice you hear to get into machine learning is trash.

I did something different, and it worked.

Thread: My approach to starting with machine learning.
Creating a resume that can't be ignored
Finally, if you are ready to start looking for a machine learning position, this thread will help you with the first challenge you’ll face: your resume.
I just went through 200+ applications for a machine learning position.

I think I figured out what works and doesn't in a resume.

Here are a few tips.
What's in your mind?
Reply to this email and let me know what you’d like to see me cover next.
I read every email, and I’m always looking for ideas.
See ya next week ✌️
— Santiago.
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