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Imbalance datasets

Imbalance datasets
By Santiago • Issue #18 • View online
I wrote an article this time, but I’m also linking to a thread I posted on Twitter earlier this week.
I’ve been experimenting with the format of the newsletter. I like the flexibility of linking to different things or writing a dedicated piece just for this.
I want this to be valuable for you. I feel that a fluid format is giving me more options.
What do you think?

How to deal with an imbalanced dataset?
(I love the Dog versus Cat problem. I keep bringing it up, and I’m not sure why.)
Imagine you are trying to build a classification model, and you have two classes: Cats and Dogs.
Unfortunately, there are 950 cat pictures and 50 dog pictures. This is a problem, and understanding how to deal with this is a fundamental skill you’ll have to build.
I wrote an article about it. Here it is:
How to deal with an imbalanced dataset in machine learning?
Thoughts on Copilot
GitHub’s Copilot is as hot 🔥 as it gets.
Before you do anything else, go here and take a look at it. Sign up as soon as you can. Your welcome!
I posted some thoughts about what Copilot means for our industry. If you aren’t in the mood, let me summarize it here for you: Holy shit! It’s a thing!
Software development will never be like this anymore.

Machine learning is changing things as we know them. Today, it's @GitHub's Copilot. What do you think will happen tomorrow?

A thread on sinking buildings and how to stay relevant.
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