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Expanding your horizon

Expanding your horizon
By Santiago • Issue #34 • View online
I want you to keep in mind that machine learning is just a drop in the ocean needed to build good software.
Machine learning is exciting, fun, challenging, but still just one piece of the puzzle.
Good software feeds from different areas. Good software needs a collection of talents. If you aspire to build software, spend some time looking outside of machine learning.
Expanding your horizon can only help.

Machine learning pipelines
Probably the most used term in practical machine learning circles is “pipeline.” Unfortunately, we use it to refer to different things at different times.
Here is an overview of some of the different machine learning pipelines that you will find out there.
What's a machine learning pipeline?

Well, it turns out that many different things classify as "machine learning pipelines."

Here are five of the different "pipelines" you should be aware of: ↓
Greedy algorithms
If your focus is on building better software, having a solid foundation in algorithms is critical.
Here is a quick introduction to greedy algorithms and how you can take advantage of them.
One of the most useful things you can learn:

Greedy algorithms, how they work, and how to solve problems using them.

Here is why they are fundamental: ↓
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