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Don't fly solo

Don't fly solo
By Santiago • Issue #21 • View online
It’s been a couple of weeks since I started using Copilot.
I’ve been really impressed!
No, Copilot is not doing the work for me, but it’s definitely making me much more efficient. Sometimes it feels magic; just like when somebody it’s completing your sentences—pun intended.
I’m really excited to see where Copilot goes. I think this is the beginning of an era in software development.
If you use Visual Studio Code and haven’t signed up yet, do it.

How much data do you need?
On every new project, I get this question.
Estimating how much data is necessary is not simple, especially when working on a new domain that you haven’t experienced before.
Here is an explanation of why this is hard and an alternative option for you.
Software developers suck at estimating time. Machine learning engineers at estimating how much data they need.

People built an image classification using 500 images and now think that every problem needs the same.

It doesn't work like that.

Let's talk about this: ↓
An introduction to Classification problems
If you are starting, this post will be helpful.
Classification is probably the most popular type of problem you’ll face out there, so I wrote a beginner-friendly introduction that should cover the basics.
One of the most popular problems in machine learning: Classification.

When you are starting, learn to recognize these problems and break them down as much as possible. ← This is really important.

Thread: Introduction to Classification problems.
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