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An opportunity for you!
By Santiago • Issue #35 • View online
Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working with some incredible people to launch a community that I believe will change the industry as you know it.
I know, this sounds glorious and pure bullshit, but I’m honestly pumped about the ideas we have and what we have accomplished so far.
My pitch is simple:
If you are looking for a place to get real practical experience in machine learning, this is it! We are building a community that turns ideas into projects. Real, tangible work that will push our field forward!
But there’s more:
We are building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that’s fully owned and governed by its members. If you haven’t heard about DAOs, I can summarize it by saying that you’ll have a vote, you can contribute, and you’ll receive compensation proportionally to those contributions.
We are only letting 900 people join. These are the founding members. We currently have no plans to allow more people in after this.

How can you join?
To focus on the projects we have in mind, we can only let a limited number of people join.
We are starting with 1,000 spots of which 900 are currently available.
The price of the membership raises for every 10 people that buy one. You have been putting up with me for a long time now, so I wanted to give you an advantage: You’ll have over 48 hours to get your membership before we announce it publicly. We’ll let everyone know on Monday morning, so the weekend is all yours!
We call these the “Founding members” and give them an NFT (non-fungible token, welcome to web3!) that is cute and represents your key to the private community stage. Think of this as your “VIP pass.” The community server automatically checks for it before letting you in.
You need to buy a membership on the community’s website to join. If you are familiar with web3, have a wallet, and some MATIC in the Polygon Mainnet, you can mint your membership in a few seconds and join the Discord right away.
If you are new to web3, you can pay with a credit card. We created a Gumroad product to facilitate the process. Go there, follow the instructions, and we will take care of sending you the membership.
Should you join?
If you are unsure, the answer is no.
If you want to join a community of like-minded folks eager to build products that push boundaries, we will be happy to have you.
Although we are focusing on machine learning, products are way more than that: we need web development skills, databases, cloud computing, designers, project managers, and people from all walks of life.
But there's more!
There’s one thing I’ve learned over time:
One of the most important byproducts of building software is the knowledge we get to keep: lessons learned, tricks, what works, and what doesn’t.
We want you to benefit from that, regardless of who you are, where you come from, and how much money you can afford.
Even if you can’t pay a membership, you can join the public community and get most of the benefits absolutely free.
The restriction is that participating in specific projects will be limited to members, but the conversation happens in the public channel: machine learning and web3 24/7.
Here is the secret: We are planning to give the broader community access to certain projects as opportunities arise. If you are there, you’ll have your chance!
Final words
We’ve spent many nights building this. We are hopeful and extremely excited about what’s going to happen.
To get a membership:
To join the Discord channel:
I hope to see you there.
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